Crown Financial Ministries Events List 

Day courses!

Starting from April 12, 2021 we will present the following day courses.  


1. Foundations for Farming

2. Composting

3. Vegetable production

4. Money Map

5. Character First!

6. Agro forestry

7. Mushroom production

8. Bee keeping

9. Skills for Life

10. Small scale farm business training

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Six Weeks Training of Trainers course

April 12 - May 22nd, 2021

This very exciting training of trainers course is always life transforming for both our local as well a our international students.  Imagine the opportunity to mix with fellow students from different cultures, learn hands on skills of growing organic crops or how to roast Baobab coffee!  For development workers it is crucial to understand the cultural dynamics of the community they work in.  The training you will receive here is practical, holistic and encompasses the true challenges and opportunities presented in rural Africa.  After six weeks you will be confident to apply and teach all the subjects presented during the course.

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