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Crown Open Day!

We had a very encouraging Open Day last Saturday at the Crown Ministry Center. About 70 people came from across Malawi came to praise God together and learn about Christian stewardship of Malawi's abundant agricultural resources, to hear testimonies and reports of Foundations for Farming trainings, and to see the result of these principles carried out to a high standard.

Attendees were given a tour of the training grounds where they could see first hand the incredible potential that can be unlocked when we honor God in everything, even the way we farm.

The maize was beautiful!

Demonstrations were given of agroforestry, composting, and mechanized planting of fields with simple technology, as well as information presented on cheese and honey production and sustainable, environmentally friendly waste management.

Local farmers and trainers gave testimonies of how God was blessing their work, their families, and their communities through the Foundations for Farming training.

We praise the Lord for a very blessed time and we believe that the attendees have gone away encouraged to live for God in every area of life! If you desire to visit the school yourself and see the impact that Foundations for farming could make in your life, please contact us. Better yet, come to the next Training of Trainers course or one of several day courses!

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