Joseph Chikopa

Come ad hear amazing testimonies of how FfF has impacted lives.

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Leo Mondiwa

Mariha Village, Chigumula, Blantyre, Malawi

We are honoring one of the best small scale farmers in Malawi.  Mr. Mondiwa sadly passed away on 21st September 2018.  This is his testimony:

"I am a widower with a very small field. By using the Foundations for Farming principles, I was able to produce much more than my personal need. I have planted several nitrogen fixing trees in and around my fields with enhanced the soil fertility of the land and brought much increase in yields.  Through these results, about 30 other farms in my village have adopted biblical principles for farming."

Chris and Joni Weaver

Zomba, Malawi

Chris Weaver and his wife Joni left the USA with a vision to create 1000 jobs in Malawi Africa, to uplift the poor. Chris retired from a successful career in the corporate world and thought he could use his business skills to serve the Lord in one of the poorest nations in the world.  After settling in at Zomba, an old town in the southern parts of Malawi (dating back to the colonial era) they soon discovered that starting a business in a country like Malawi was not anyone’s cup of tea.  Being people of faith, they connected with a local church in the village where Chris started ministering to the men and Joni to the woman....More

Joseph Chikopa

Youth with a Mission, Sanama, Machinga District, Malawi

When I first started with Foundations for Farming, my maize yield increased from 6 bags to 70 bags in one season. This was life transforming!  With the profits I made from my farm I was able to purchase my own residential plot where I built my own house.  I am now able to use the skills I have learned through Foundations for Farming to build relationships in a new community where many people have been saved and discipled. 

Eliot Kumwanje

Quality Center Malawi, Mongochi, Malawi

The city assembly of Mangochi approached our organization to train them in waste management and composting. Since I did a composting course at Crown Ministries, we were able to serve them and today they are turning urban waste into compost. 

Isaac Gomani

Bvumbwe, Thyolo District, Malawi

​I was trained in Foundations for Farming in the year 2001. I have through the years applied the godly principles of stewardship on my own land in Nkaombe Village and through my farm income I was able to purchase land and build my own house where I now reside. I have also been able to start a successful chicken business. I was particularly interested in compost making and is now a project manager with Waste International where we receive market waste from the Blantyre City Assembly and turn it into compost. We are cleaning up the city and recycling the waste!  This high quality compost is being sold to farmers and landscapers in and around Blantyre.

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"I was able to use the skills I have learned through Foundations for Farming to build relationships in a new community where many people have been saved and discipled."