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Apply for the Training of Trainers Course! This course takes students on a discipleship journey through the Gospel, Character, Foundations for Farming, Business.... MORE

While many of our students are sent by NGO's and mission organizations, there are still many others who want to come on their own who lack funds. You can be a blessing to one of these today... MORE

Mzuzu Campus: We opened a new campus near Mzuzu, in Malawi's northern region! This center has become a popular venue for educational visits from schools and an ideal training site for organizations with a mandate for social impact.

MALAWI CHAMPS CONFERENCE   18 - 21 March 2020!!

For all Champions practicing Foundations for Farming.

Dates: 18 - 21 March --------------- Venue: Naming’azi Farm, Zomba, Malawi ----------------------- Costs: MK 48,000

We have trained thousands of small scale farmers as well as development workers in Foundations for Farming over the last 15 years.  It is time for us to celebrate the amazing impact FfF is having in Malawi.  Come and discover more of the movement you are part of.

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September 22, 2019

This course was for those who have the opportunity to start up a profitable farming enterprise, but lack the experience and skill to do so.  Strong Biblical foundations with a clear understanding of the origins of farming was laid as seen in creation. We looked at soil science and how conservation agriculture presents a solution to the woes of modern farming technologies which is having adverse effects on the environment. Exciting prospects of recycling organic material as fertilizers, incorporating trees in our cropping area and excellent management skills which will ensure profitable farming ventures, are some of the content which was covered.  

The last six weeks students graduated on Saturday 31 August. This is the first time that we recieved students from Latin America!

September 02, 2019

This Training of Trainers course hosted students from Australia, Chilli, Mozambique, Namibia, USA, Venezuela,   Zimbabwe and Malawians from Nsanje to Chitipa!  They returned to their origins with a clear mandate to serve those in need of hope and sustenance.   



Our 4 week TOT course at our Blantyre campus ended at a climax with the graduation of 18 trainers fom the Salvation Army Karonga Malawi ofiice!

June 07, 2019

This group of trainers are all from the Karonga Salvation Army office.  They were certified as trainers and sent back to the north to go and train others.  Their aim is to equip 3000 subsistence farmers in their catchment area.

Six weeks students graduated!

April 26, 2019

On Saturday 27 April 15 trainers graduated from the Crown Stewardship School.  Students will be reaching out to Cameroon, Mozambique, South Africa and many parts of Malawi.  Jesus showed us the power of one!  We are not chasing numbers, but are interested in the transformation of one life at a time.  

Our Mzuzu training team are hosting educational visits for schools at the new training centre.

May 12, 2019

If you are interested to book an educational visit please click here.  

Crown Stewardship School reached out to flood victims

March 23, 2019

Thirteen students who did the six weeks training of trainers course at our Blantyre campus had the privilege of reaching out to 1000 families over the past weekend.  

1000 Families provided with food and a message of hope.

Please pray for victims of Cyclone Idai

March 23, 2019

Before it arrived, the storm brought heavy rains and flooding to the lower Shire River districts of Chikwawa and Nsanje, in Malawi’s south. The rains continued after the storm hit, compounding the misery of tens of thousands of people. 

Number killed: 60
Number injured: 672
Number displaced: 19,328 households
Number affected: 868,895

Students of the Crown Stewardship School reached out to 1000 families with food and a message of hope.  The food supplies was provided by City Hope Disaster relief and the distribution process was coordinated by IRIS Ministries in Bangula, Malawi.  

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The Crown Stewardship School has two campuses in Blantyre and Mzuzu. 



MZUZU - Kusintha Farm: Our Mzuzu location, at Kusintha Farm in Lusangazi is now open. Still under development, the site covers 24 acres and will include gardens, irrigation systems, solar agricultural applications, and livestock. 

BLANTYRE: Crown Ministry Centre in Chigumula, Blantyre. The center is 15km out of Blantyre City. The training center and dormitories are surrounded by demonstration gardens and livestock.


We invite you to tour one of our campuses, meet our staff and learn more about the Crown Stewardship School. To schedule a visit, submit your contact information here. We look forward to meeting you! We also host educational visits from schools,colleges and universities at K300 pp.  To book an educational visit click here.



Educational Visits are available HERE

For no one can lay a foundation other than that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ. - 1 Corinthians 3:11 ESV